Website Consulting & Development

Some samples of our web development work:
Minus Forty™ Technologies
Energy Wellness Studies
Vancliffen Arts Foundation
Holistic Dentist
DeVita Wellness Institute

Jade Nefertiti Day Spa
Body Electro Enhancements

Services include:
  • Web Copy - words that sell!
  • Website Optimization (i.e. Google ranking)
  • Secure Employee/Project Websites
  • Website Analysis (get more people using your site)
  • Fresh Look & Feel
  • Web Marketing Analysis, and
  • Of course, Web Development.
Ask about Successful Web Projects:

(905) 826-0662, or

No sales pressure; only honest advice.
We believe websites should be easy to maintain.  Adding a menu item should be simple and not require graphic redesign like many sites -- so easy that business owners can update parts themselves.

Please keep in mind that our clients set the quality level, and therefore, some websites above had a shoestring budget without a Graphic Designer.  Websites should look professional and have top usability to keep them coming back, but words sell, not pretty pictures.  For some companies, a lower budget with their own supplied pictures works well and can have the added benefit that some like of giving them a friendly approachable look.

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