Professional Project Management

Meet a corporate goal or fulfill a client need through a project.  A project is a temporary endeavour to create a unique product, service or result.

Your project will be managed by a PMP® (Project Management Professional) certified by Project Management Institute (PMI) and Instructor in Project Management for over 7 years.  PMI is the world's leading not-for-profit professional association for the project management profession.

PMP is a registered certification mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Project Management Institite

Samples of projects are:
  • Startup Weekend Toronto ($1M): 43 shareholders picked a web-based Facebook idea on a Friday night, and then designed, developed and launched LobbyThem's website in beta by Sunday night and fully two weeks later.  LobbyThem helps Toronto area residents gather like minded people to ‘Push for Change’ by effectively telling politicians what needs to be fixed, what’s working or ideas they have.
  • Staples Business Depot ($3.5M): Customize & install 40 photokiosks in all retail stores across Canada.  Technology used was C++, Java Script, Internet Explorer, Photoshop & NT4 Server.  Managed contracts and administration, custom software & screen graphics, signage, credit card usage set-up, financial data training, procurement, remote monitoring & onsite support setup, anti-virus/firewall functionality, onsite installation & training.
  • Superleague ($300K): Customize software & deliver 52 jukeboxes in the UK.  Technology used was C++, Java Script, Internet Explorer, Photoshop & NT4 Server.  Partner with hardware manufacturer to ensure total solution to customer's requirements.  Remote installation of software, along with hardware partner software installation training to support customer.  Prestigious KioskCom 2003 award received for this DIGIBOX product.
  • Photokiosk Product Development ($1.5M): Create web-monitored/controlled photokiosk solution to market.  Technology used was C++, Java Script, Internet Explorer, Photoshop & NT4 Server.  Procure hardware to design specs and then design, develop and QA photokiosk software.  Extensive, internal, partner and trial customer testing.  Included credit card, cash & printable receipts options, photo input from scanner or camera media to output to print or CD.  Design to function in UK, USA & Canada.
  • Bank of Montreal ($455K): Deliver custom collections processing application (bank/branch funds transfers) to Montreal Head Office.  Technology used was Access ADP.  Setup test environment SQL Server and Windows PCs and support quality testing.  Developed 120-page User Guide.
  • Urban Alien ($210K): Deliver 11 custom theatre kiosk solutions playing movie trailers and funded by advertising.  Procure and test hardware, software and consumables.  Technology used was C++, Java Script, Internet Explorer, Photoshop & NT4 Server.  Project delivered on time, under budget and with excellent customer satisfaction and a high quality product.
  • IOF New Branch Office Rollout ($900K): Sell and procure hardware from many US and Canadian locations to be delivered on a schedule for each office's technical installation and opening.  Hardware availability for just in time delivery was imperative and required continued monitoring with suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Holt Renfrew Rollout ($350K): Propose, sell & deliver server, PC and printer hardware to upgrade 12 provincial offices.  Server and PC configuration/image loading.  Delivery to strict schedule and cost control.
  • National Grocers (Loblaws) Nationwide Store Rollout ($5M): Configuration and onsite installation of PCs, printers and switches at 687 store locations to enable internet ordering from warehouse.  Technology used was specialized applications through Internet Explorer.  Procurement and timely delivery of hardware to central pickup locations to meet with technicians, communications and contract administration.  Negotiated with IBM for 1400 free memory modules at enhance product.
If you want to ensure success of your project on time, within budget and with the product of your project to the quality required, you may consider using Professional Project Manager.

A Project Management Professional (PMP) can meet you at your offices to explain in more detail how a certified PMP can ensure project success.  If you want to continue, we'll start with a Project Charter, which is a document describing your project in enough detail that the project manager can be sure your project can be a success.

We then tailor nine areas of project management to create and execute a project plan that's just the right amount of management to meet your goal.  We use PMI's world-recognized ANSI Standard project management methodology described in their PMBOK® Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge).  The nine project management areas are:
  • Integration - coordinating project activities
  • Scope - defining and keeping to what the project must accomplish
  • Time - completing on schedule and meeting major dealines
  • Cost - completing on budget
  • Communications - managing critical information links between people
  • Quality - ensuring the project makes what is said it would
  • Risk - identifying and managing project threats and opportunities
  • Human Resources - using project people effectively and managing any issues
  • Procurement - ensuring resources to complete your project
(Excellent references supplied upon request.)

I wish you the best on your new endeavour.

Michele J. Jones, PMP

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