Scheduled Course Dates

How Can We Afford This Great Price?

Most Registered Education Providers charge between $2,195-$2,995 plus tax for this course.  We save money to lower our course fee because:
  • Instead of holding the class in an expensive store-front or office tower building, our student managers enjoy classes in a comfortable small office/residential unit - friendly, clean, and professional (or onsite for corporate training).
  • Most business schools have computers for each student because they use the same classroom for technical classes - we do not have the expense of computers for each student as they are not required.  (Internet-enabled computers are available for students to use during lunch and breaks.)
  • We do very little advertising or sales - 1/3 of our business comes from referrals and the remainder through PMI's website or this website.
  • Our instructors own their branch offices.  There are no "middle-men" to pay.
"Thank you for the exceptional and very useful PMP Prep course.  It left much less time and work for me to do to study.  Excellent value for the money!  Nice job QCP!"  - Olga Lozinsky, B.Sc., BSA, Project Manager

"Money well spent.  Michele was excellent." - Dragomir Stojkovic, PMP, Construction Superintendent

"Well worth the cost! Highly recommended!" - Courtney Searle, PMP, Facility Specialist/Project Manager

Looking for a Promotion?

Years ago, computer skills were key to moving up in management.  Today, project management skills have become the essential thing managers and leaders need to move up because businesses rise and fall as a result of projects - the engines of any organization. - Referenced by Andy Crowe in his book called Alpha Project Managers.

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