Scheduled Course Dates

Relaxing Teaching Environment

  • Welcome to our comfortable classroom.  Students have pine-top desks with lamps.  Under each desk is a power bar for any electronics they wish to bring with USB outlets, as well as benches for lots of desk space.
  • Windows open in the nice weather with lots of natural light; shoes are optional.
  • Our office is professionally cleaned, safety inspected and insured.
  • If you smoke, you can step a few feet out on the balcony with a great view (our office is non-smoking).
  • Students sometimes move to the back couch for a change of positions during the day.
  • Coffee, tea or snack - conveniently at the back - no need to wait for breaks.
  • The student fridge has cream and milk and other surprises like pops, juices, cheeses, fruit cups & mini chocolate bars.
  • During lunch or breaks, if weather permits, you can enjoy the sun on the balcony, take a 5-minute walk to our little lake, or a 5-minute drive to Meadowvale Town Centre Mall.
  • Mississauga transit is just outside the door, the Go Bus is a 10 minute walk or the Go Train is four bus stops on the GO shuttle during rush hour from our front door.
  • Feel free to bring your laptop, etc.  Hi-speed Wi-Fi is available.
  • We don't forget little touches ... highlighters, post-it tabs, real mugs for your all-day coffee/specialty tea, and real cutlery with supplied lunch and snacks - comforts of home.
  • We love and respect cultural diversity.  One class of 4 knew 11 different languages!  We accommodate special diets, too.
  • Just relax and learn.

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